Where can you dispose of engine oil?

Drivers who change the oil in the vehicle themselves know the problem: the old engine oil has to be disposed of properly. It is particularly important not to simply throw the old engine oil into the residual waste or pour it out in the open: This can have fatal consequences for the environment, since the engine oil seeps underground and can get into the groundwater.

In addition, such an approach can also have legal consequences, because the improper disposal of used oil often results in fines. Last but not least, motor oil is also highly toxic for people, animals and plants, which is why careful handling of the material is particularly important.

The supplier who sold you the motor oil can serve as the first point of contact. In some countries they are obliged to take back the motor oil sold in the same quantity as used oil. It is best to keep the receipt with the purchase. The same applies to online purchases: some online shops also take back used motor oil and dispose of it.

In the UK there are often engine oil collection points at your local recycling center. Here you can tip your waste oil into a larger container which is then recycled and used again for other purposes. Sometimes there is a limit on how much you can deposit in any one go at your local recycling centre.

In some cases, it is also worth selling the used oil: the engine oil can be cleaned again in a complex process. So it is suitable for resale and use again. The sale of old motor oil is mainly from garagesmade where there is a large amount of waste oil. When you change the oil in your vehicle, you always have to make sure that the leaking engine oil is caught immediately - otherwise you could be held liable as the material is poisonous and harmful to the environment. Therefore, always ensure that the lubricant is properly disposed of. The respective municipality and the seller of the lubricant can serve as contact persons for the exact disposal.

Where can you dispose of engine oil?
How to dispose of engine oil properly


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