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Ever since John Cooper started tuning the Mini in the 1960s, all models have had one thing in common: regular oil changes are essential for a well-maintained and long-lasting engine. Because in the engine, the oil performs important protective functions: it lubricates the moving parts, seals between the piston and the cylinder, cleans, protects against corrosion and dissipates heat. Due to the combustion process, impurities constantly get into the engine oil and chemical reactions occur. This reduces the performance of the engine oil and the engine in your Mini Cooper can be damaged in the long run.

Mini Cooper Oil Change Interval

With the Mini Cooper, BMW only provides long-life service and no fixed intervals. This means that the on-board computer calculates the quality of the engine oil based on various data, such as the number of starts or the measured values ​​for combustion, and thus determines the date for the oil change in your Mini Cooper. At the latest after a certain period of time or mileage - whichever comes first - the oil change is definitely due.

When the engine oil in the Mini Cooper needs to be changed at the latest depends on the model. Here some examples:

Mini Roadster (R59) Cooper 85 kW: 30,000 km/24 months Mini Clubman (R55) Cooper D 80 kW: 20,000 km/24 months Mini Cabriolet (R52) Cooper 85 kW: 22,500 km/12 months

Mini Cooper Engine Oil Capacity - How Much Engine Oil Does a Mini Cooper Need?

Due to the different designs of the motors, each has its own capacity. For example, the engine in the Mini (F55) Cooper 100 kW requires 4.25 litres of engine oil. 5.2 litres fit into the engine of the Mini Roadster (R59) Cooper SD with 100 kW. All Mini Cooper models are in this range.

We have listed all the Mini Cooper models and engine types in the following table, as well as the correct engine oil grade for each of the cars. You can use the search and filter to easily find the right engine oil for your Mini Cooper.

Car Make & Model Year Oil Grade

The Importance Of Mini Cooper Motor Oil

When buying engine oil, always use the BMW approvals and not the SAE number as a guide. Because the SAE number (0W-30 or similar) only says something about the flow properties of an engine oil at certain temperatures. In order for an engine oil to reliably fulfill its diverse protective functions, however, other properties are also relevant, which are determined by the combination of additives. When designing an engine, the developers specify specific parameters for the engine oil right from the start. They use these values ​​in the calculations and the tests are also carried out with this or these oils. Oils with the same approval can even have different SAE numbers.

The fact that the Longlife service is used on your Mini Cooper is one more reason why you always use the approved BMW specification when changing and topping up the oil. With a different engine oil, the on-board computer may no longer be able to correctly assign the measurement data and may report the oil change too early or too late. One hurts your wallet, the other your engine.

Mini Cooper First Generation Oil Change

Mini Cooper (R50)
Mini Convertible Cooper/Cooper S (R52)
Mini Cooper S (R53)

With the first generation of Mini Cooper, the oil change is usually due after 12 months or 22,500 km. The long-life oils from BMW are used, such as BMW Long-life-04, BMW Long-life-01 or BMW Long-life-98.

Mini Cooper Second Generation Oil Change

Mini Clubvan Cooper, D (R55)
Mini Clubman Cooper, D, S, SD (R55)
Mini Cooper, D, S, SD (R56)
Mini Cabriolet Cooper, D, S, SD (R57)
Mini Coupé Cooper, S, SD (R58)
Mini Roadster Cooper, S, SD (R59)
Mini Countryman Cooper, D, S, SD (R60)
Mini Paceman Cooper, D, S, SD (R61)

The second generation of the current Mini series requires an oil change after 30,000 km or 2 years at the latest. If you drive at high speeds or do a lot of short trips, the engine oil wears out faster and the oil change is due sooner.

Mini Cooper Third Generation Oil Change

Mini Clubman Cooper, D, S, SD (F54)
Mini Cooper, D, S, SD (F55)
Mini Cooper, D, S, SD (F56)
Mini Cabriolet Cooper, D, S, SD (F57)
Mini Countryman Cooper, D, S, SD (F60)

In the third generation, the engine oil is renewed after long-life intervals of a maximum of 30,000 km or 24 months - whichever comes first. You should only ever use the type of oil approved by BMW for your engine. You can find this in the oil change table above.

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