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Lets discover what is under the hood of the Lexus CT 200h. With the CT 200h, the 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine contributes 99 hp (73 kW) and the electric motor 82 hp (60 kW). The total output of the CT 200h is 136 hp and the maximum torque is 207 Newton meters.

The start is silent and always in the "Normal" or "Eco" modes, but never in the "Sport" position, because warming up the petrol engine has priority. Thanks to exhaust heat recovery, the cooling water quickly warms up in these modes, which saves fuel. The tachometer is missing. Once, but not for long. After switching to "Sport", the digital pointer suddenly appears on the display. In "Sport" mode, the hybrid drive is more dynamic thanks to the electric motor, which works at full throttle at full voltage. But the test is more interested in the economy of the hybrid and purely electric driving.

Now lets look inside the car - Even as a basic model, which rolls on narrow 15-inch wheels that you can hear walking in fast corners, the Lexus CT 200h has a decent standard equipment with the two-zone automatic climate control, seats covered with velor and the Panasonic sound system with six speakers and 7-inch multifunction display.The Executive Line offers access to the extras, some of which are standard in the higher lines, which often cannot be ordered for the basic model. At first glance, this variant differs from the basic model by the 16-inch alloy wheels and the LED fog lights integrated in the front bumpers in addition to the LED daytime running lights. The CT 200h F Sport, which has 17 inches installed, is characterized by the sportier look of the body and in the cockpit. Here you take a seat on heated leather seats and direct the Lexus CT via the aluminum sports pedals and the F Sport leather steering wheel with perforated leather cover.

Instructions For Topping up engine oil in Lexus CT200h

  • 1) Obtain the right engine oil for the Lexus CT200h engine.
  • 2) Unlatch the bonnet and measure the oil level. Make a note of where the level is.
  • 3) Then carefully fill a little engine oil (approx. 100-150ml) into the Lexus CT200h oil nozzle.
  • 4) Be patient now for a short time before measuring the oil level again with the oil dipstick.
  • 5) Do not start the Lexus CT200h again until you have ensured that the oil level is at the normal level (indicated by the markings).

What Engine Oil For Lexus CT200h?

We have listed all the Lexus CT 200h models and engine types in the following table, as well as the correct engine oil grade for each of the cars. You can use the search and filter to easily find the right engine oil for your Lexus CT 200h.

Car Make & Model Year Oil Grade
Lexus CT200 CT200h Petrol 2011,
5W-30 or 15W-40 or 10W-40
Lexus CT200 CT200h Petrol 2014,
5W-30 or 15W-40 or 10W-40
Lexus CT200 CT200h Petrol 2017,
5W-30 or 15W-40 or 10W-40
Lexus CT200 CT200h Petrol 2020,
5W-30 or 15W-40 or 10W-40

Motor oil is a vital part of your Lexus CT 200h's engine. It provides the much needed lubrication to many of the internal parts of an engine. One of its key jobs is to prevent wear and tear on the moving parts which helps keep the engine running smoothly. Without oil, the engine would cease up almost immediately.

Regularly checking and changing your Lexus CT200h engine oil is really important. Every time you start and run your car, very fine by-products from the combustion in the engine will be collected in the engine oil. This is one of the reasons why over time the oil goes black. If these contaminants build up too much and exceed the capacity of the oil it can have a negative impact on your car’s overall efficiency and actually effect its performance as it creates sludge and increased wear in the engine block.

Every engine oil will have its viscosity grade labelled on the packaging. This will look something like 0W-20, 5W-30 or 5W-40. This grading is used to measure how thick / fluid the oil is and help ensure you buy the right oil for your car. The lower the viscosity grade of the oil, the more fluid and thinner it will be than those with a high grade (higher numbers) which will be much less running and thick.

So which engine oil should you buy for your Lexus CT 200h? Whether you are topping up your Lexus CT 200h oil or doing a full change of your Lexus CT200h's oil it is really important that you use the correct grade of oil.

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