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The Volvo S60 series has been available to buy since the turn of the millenium and is the evolution of the Volvo 850 model from back in the 1990's. It was a whole 10 years later when Volvo released the station wagon / estate version of the S60. Following on the tradition of Volvo's internal naming convention, the estate version of the S60 was named the V60.

Volvo S60 Oil Change Interval

At the latest the engine oil should be checked and topped up (if necessay) every 2,500 kilometers. Volvo recommends that the engine oil and filter in your S60 is fully changed every 30,000 kilometers or once a year (whichever comes first). Drivers are alerted when the oil change is due via the service display in the instrument panel. The service interval is influenced, among other things, by the personal driving style, the intensity of use or by unfavorable driving conditions. For example towing a trailer or lots of short trips under full load.

Volvo S60 Transmission Oil

Under "normal" driving conditions, a transmission oil change over the life cycle of the vehicle is not mandatory. Nevertheless, this lubricant should also be checked regularly and changed if leaks are detected.

We have listed all the Volvo S60 models and engine types in the following table, as well as the correct engine oil grade for each of the cars. You can use the search and filter to easily find the right engine oil for your Volvo S60.

Car Make & Model Year Oil Grade

The Importance Of Volvo S60 Motor Oil

Motor oil is a vital part of your Volvo S60's engine. It provides the much needed lubrication to many of the internal parts of an engine. One of its key jobs is to prevent wear and tear on the moving parts which helps keep the engine running smoothly. Without oil, the engine would cease up almost immediately.

Regularly checking and changing your Volvo S60 engine oil is really important. Every time you start and run your car, very fine by-products from the combustion in the engine will be collected in the engine oil. This is one of the reasons why over time the oil goes black. If these contaminants build up too much and exceed the capacity of the oil it can have a negative impact on your car’s overall efficiency and actually effect its performance as it creates sludge and increased wear in the engine block.

Check Volvo S60 Oil Type
Check Oil Type For Volvo S60.


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