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The history of the Nissan Navara goes back to the days of the Datsun pick-up, but the parent company Nissan stopped using the Datsun brand in the 1980s. Since 1998 the off road pick-up truck has been known as the Nissan Navara. While the first generation was built for just over six years, the 2005 relaunched Navara managed to survive for ten years. Eventually this 'golden oldie' was replaced in 2015 by the fourth generation, which is sold as an Alaskan not only by Nissan, but also by sister company Renault. It also served the cooperation partner Mercedes-Benz as the basis for the X-Class, which was discontinued after a short time. The flatbed truck is available with various cabin structures and there are also numerous add-on parts for the loading area.

Nissan Navara Oil Change Interval

With the Navara the trend is increasingly towards flexible service intervals. Depending on the model, the Nissan use parameters to specify when the next oil change is due and with which service. A so-called LongLife service is often recommended or even mandatory. Nissan invests a lot of money in the development of its engines and lubricants. Only the optimum type of oil leads to it passing the official approvals or specifications. Not every oil is suitable for the petrol or diesel engine of your Nissan Navara. With a look at the table below, you will see that each variant of the Navara are set out depending on the series, model and engine and therefore contain all the information about the right engine oil for your specific Nissan Navara.

Car Make & Model Year Oil Grade

The Importance Of Nissan Navara Motor Oil

Motor oil is a vital part of your Nissan Navara's engine. It provides the much needed lubrication to many of the internal parts of an engine. One of its key jobs is to prevent wear and tear on the moving parts which helps keep the engine running smoothly. Without oil, the engine would cease up almost immediately.

Regularly checking and changing your Nissan Navara engine oil is really important. Every time you start and run your car, very fine by-products from the combustion in the engine will be collected in the engine oil. This is one of the reasons why over time the oil goes black. If these contaminants build up too much and exceed the capacity of the oil it can have a negative impact on your car’s overall efficiency and actually effect its performance as it creates sludge and increased wear in the engine block.

Check Nissan Navara Oil Type
Check Oil Type For Nissan Navara.


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