How important is engine oil?

If a car is driven without engine oil, serious damage can occur to the mechanical components in the engine.

Modern engine oil is significantly more hard-wearing, more durable and more effective than its predecessors from the past decades: The synthetic oils most commonly used today in particular perform their task smoothly in the engine operation cycle - the engine oil lubricates the moving metal parts in the engine compartment so that they do not rub directly against each other and get stuck. In addition, the engine oil carries away small protective particles that are produced during the combustion process in the engine. The motor oil not only serves as a lubricant, but also as a coolant. It seals the combustion chambers and last but not least protects against corrosion. Added additives, which are added to the base oil during the manufacture of synthetic oils, further improve these properties.

Why is engine oil important?

However, many drivers only realize how important engine oil is when the oil level has fallen below the required minimum: problems then quickly arise with the vehicle and the engine's performance. If the car is driven without engine oil, there is no more oil pressure and serious damage can occur to the mechanical components in the car - one of the most well-known consequences is piston seizure, in which the piston can seize or deform due to the low oil level. In addition, the lack of oil reduces the vehicle's performance and longevity and increases wear. Consumers should also pay attention to choosing the right engine oil that corresponds to the manufacturer's approvals, because the wrong oil can also cause problems. However, excess engine oil – for example if the oil level was measured incorrectly and then too much oil was added – can also damage the vehicle: the catalytic converter is particularly affected here. Last but not least, the oil change intervals and the correct storage of the containers must also be observed in order to maintain the quality of the engine oil: This is the only way the oil can fulfill its important tasks and optimally care for the engine.

How important is engine oil?
How important is engine oil?


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