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The Land Rover Defender is, alongside the Mercedes G-Class and the Jeep Wrangler, the off-road classic par excellence. The original model has been in production since 1948 – at that time only under the Land Rover name – and has only ever been technically refined over the decades. The striking, boxy body with the round headlights remained largely untouched. Poor driving performance and little comfort were offset by maximum off-road capability. Four years after the end, Land Rover introduces a new Defender generation in 2020. It is visually based on the details of the predecessor, but is technically up to date.

Only oils that have been approved by the manufacturer may be used in the engines of the Land Rover Defender. For example, a 5W30 engine oil with ACEA C3 specification is suitable for most models but you should always check with your local Land Rover dealer or on the official website to ensure you purchase the correct oil.

Land Rover Defender Oil Change Interval

If you use your Defender as a work vehicle, you will make sure that the engine oil retains its viscosity and is replaced in good time. However, many Landys are only used in city traffic and some fans of the British classic are not so sure when an oil change should actually be made. To clear up a common misconception right away: City traffic or long periods of standstill can reduce the viscosity of the lubricant just as much as using the Defender as a towing or off-road vehicle. And this is reflected in the intervals that Land Rover has defined for changing the oil. For example, a Defender convertible or hardtop of the 90 LD version needs an oil change every 10,000 km or every six months under difficult operating conditions, for example when used as a city car.

Land Rover Defender Engine Oil Capacity - How Much Engine Oil Does a Land Rover Defender Need?

You can find out how many litres of oil have to be refilled during the change service and which viscosity classes have received approval from Land Rover in a specialist workshop. For example, for a Defender 90 with the 2.5 litre diesel installed from 1990, Land Rover recommends the following viscosity grades: 0W40, 5W30, 5W40, 5W60, 10W40 or 15W40. The amount of change oil required for the 2.5 litre machine is around 6.7 litres. The top model of the LD series with the V8 petrol engine, on the other hand, is content with just under six litres.

We have listed all the Land Rover Defender models and engine types in the following table, as well as the correct engine oil grade for each of the cars. You can use the search and filter to easily find the right engine oil for your Land Rover Defender.

Car Make & Model Year Oil Grade

The Importance Of Land Rover Defender Motor Oil

Drivers of a LR series Defender 88/109 are proud that their historic Landy exudes the robustness of a real off-road vehicle. Visually, Land Rover changed its off-road classic little with the introduction of the One Ten (110) and Ninety (90) generation. But at the latest with the successor to the LD series, the technical progress was also noticeable in the Defender. This had an impact on the maintenance intervals.

How To Change Oil In Land Rover Defender

In view of the relatively short service intervals for the Defender, doing the oil change yourself can save you a lot of money.

Motor oil is a vital part of your Land Rover Defender's engine. It provides the much needed lubrication to many of the internal parts of an engine. One of its key jobs is to prevent wear and tear on the moving parts which helps keep the engine running smoothly. Without oil, the engine would cease up almost immediately.

Regularly checking and changing your Land Rover Defender engine oil is really important. Every time you start and run your car, very fine by-products from the combustion in the engine will be collected in the engine oil. This is one of the reasons why over time the oil goes black. If these contaminants build up too much and exceed the capacity of the oil it can have a negative impact on your car’s overall efficiency and actually effect its performance as it creates sludge and increased wear in the engine block.

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