How To Check Engine Oil?

The amount of motor oil in a car's oil tank should be checked regularly - this is a well-known fact. However, only a few motorists adhere to this rule and often do not even know how to check the oil level.

However, the process is relatively simple: Before the measurement, the car engine should be run briefly (around 5-10 minutes) in order to reach operating temperature. The car should then be parked on a level surface - it is important that the ground is flat, as this is the only way to get a correct result. You then wait about two minutes so that the engine oil can collect in the oil pan again. Then the cap is opened - this oil dipstick is in the middle of the engine compartment for engine oil and is often yellow or orange. The cap is opened and the dipstick pulled out, The rod is then cleaned with a cloth until the engine oil is completely removed. Then push the dipstick back into the measuring hole as far as it will go - make sure you push the stick all the way into the hole to get an accurate picture of the oil level! The stick is carefully pulled out again and checked: Two lines are marked on the stick, which indicate the minimum and maximum maximum level of the engine oil.

How to check engine oil level

If your value is between these two lines, everything is fine. If the oil film is underneath, you have to top up some oil - if there is too much engine oil in the car, you should visit a workshop and describe your problem there. Every driver should regularly check the oil level in their own car, because engine oil is one of the most important liquids in the vehicle: it is responsible for lubricating the moving metal parts so that they do not rub against each other. It also filters dirt particles from the engine compartment that are produced by the combustion process. Although these particles are intercepted again by the oil filter, residues remain in the oil after a while. This is another reason why the oil should be changed regularly.

How to check engine oil?
How to check engine oil?


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